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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lets get Maldives back to Maldivians

In my view at present Maldives is invaded by expatriate workers mainly from Bangladesh, India, Sri lanka, Philipines, China.....and so on...We depend them on house hold works including baby sitting...throwing our garbage bags, constructing our buildings, consulting us as Doctors, assisting them as nurses, looking after our shops and hotels as waiters...shop keepers...salesman and salesgirls...working in our fishing boats and transport boats and even in our own offices.

I believe this is because we maldivians want life to be so simple sometimes.We all want to sit in an air-conditioned office and be a boss always.But the reality is different.These expatriates are ruling above us.Since we will be handicapped without them. In addition there is a trend now of marrying these people. So tell me who is pissing in our pants now??

And what about their presence on our own economy. They are taking our income to their own home, which is like billions of dollars of loss for us.And we maldivians are suffering because of that.These all are simple facts that each and every one can understand.But i don't know why we are neglecting this truth.this is not something so simple to be ignored.

These are some of many bitter truths...i have lots and lots to be listed in this post including how we treats them and how to solve these major problems, which will be continued in my future posts...so enjoy my blog...ciao

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